Hey Friends!

It’s me.

And I feel like beginnings are hard.

Now that’s probably a stereotypical thing to say but I feel it’s correct for every new project. Recently I spent some time with myself and I found out that I enjoy writing quite a lot actually. Well, I kind of always used to write, starting when I was only 4 years old but I never thought it makes sense in a creative way.

I never saw myself as a destined author or a storyteller of fantastic tales, probably because of the same old ‘not good enough’ thought. But who says I have to think up an entire fictional world to write? (Probably me, because I love those)

Writing flows easy for me, like a peaceful stream on a summer night. I don’t have to think about it long and hard or concentrate on every single line like how it is with other creative things for me. It feels natural.

Weirdly though, I haven’t been much of a reader lately even though I love stories. It eludes me, what the actual problem is. I feel it’s because it takes up too much time that I’d rather spend “productive”.

Speaking of productive – how do you like this new thing I made?

I have a big vision (as I often do) with it and I feel good pursuing it.



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