On Having Pointlessly High Expectations For Yourself

I had to take a break just now because other work overwhelmed me and it’s my birthday the day after tomorrow and I have to prepare for that.
Also, I started to have too high expectations for my blog entries, never being satisfied with the marketability, length or aesthetic fit of my ideas. But that’s what makes me hit a dead end in creativity. I have to just MAKE stuff, not think about the outcome.
This is what I’m doing now, so here is some stuff to do, when you feel stressed out constantly:

So, just now I severely decluttered my clothes, toiletries and general stuff, and i still own an unholy amount of ‘trash’. Will declutter once a week now!

I made a bullet journal, with the most underwhelming spreads, like one with the current month and a to do list. But it feels good to structure, people don’t say that for no reason.

I want to watch my budget more efficiently, so I’m gonna make a list, probably in my bullet journal, for what I can and can not spend money on. Also I will protocol where my money goes each month. Having a saving jar helps a lot.

Probably will cut back on mono carbs again. I feel like they drain me and I can totally substitute with non carb stuff.

I will have to get back into a more regular exercise routine again. I go weightlifting like once a week and I want to be more efficient.

More blogging. Even pointless, small posts.

So here is me, doing that! I just want to give everything less power over my mood.