On Redrawing And Progress

This was an “art” piece I did in August of this year. It was one of the first times, my personal style really started to shape itself and I was indeed proud. But now I feel like I can do it better with my left hand:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-08 um 08.46.18

Okay, probably i wouldn’t be able to draw that with my left hand even though i am ambidextrous, but my right hand has much more training. Still this drawing has an abundance of flaws and is generally not catered to my personal preferences and tools that work well with me but it wasn’t a long worked out sketch and I sketched a lot after, so I became better and better and eventually created this:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-08 um 08.46.33

Now This is no longer traditionally drawn, I sketched the outlines and colored it in Photoshop which I’m just way better with.

I followed these steps to make this progress:

  • sketch everyday, not focused on progress
  • try things, I know that I’m inexperienced with
  • experiment with different tools and media
  • research how to do things
  • ditching ways to draw that didn’t work for me after many times of trying
  • Doing studies of anatomy
  • Avoid overworking

The “sad” part is that in a couple of months, this painting probably is embarrassing to me and I feel like then I can draw it way better. And so the art journey goes on forever.

But is that really a sad thing?

Maybe the journey is actually what counts.

What do you think?

❤ Fox

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