Brand Yourself or Be Yourself?

I mean that’s a little drastic and the obvious answer is the perfect sweet spot between them both. But how is this possible while still not sacrificing success along the way?

What I Learned About Success

It’s one of these subjects, that don’t have a clear yes/no type answer and i don’t feel like a simple way-out like that would do the problem justice. There is way too much to consider in this whole thing. And it’s much more a discourse than a simple question. So let’s have it.

I do not know how to gain a following, I’ve thoroughly informed myself about it and tried everything I heard but still, while things show some effect, it’s not like there is a plan that you can follow and be guaranteed success. It’s not like math, it’s not hard but when you really try to understand how to do things you get the solution. That’s not how people work. Let alone a social phenomenon.

A quick flash of fame ran over me, back when I did the digital art piece of JordanShrinks (Elaborated here) – But that was just luck and not premeditated by me to play out that way. I mean of course, you always hope that the people you create Fanart for end up seeing and liking it, but I didn’t think she would share it and I would get the attention that I have gotten. Plus, that kind of got me in a strange loop of people only wanting to see the same type of content and I felt like I couldn’t branch out into other ways to do art or I would loose followers. When I broke my chains and did something else despite feeling like I let my following down, it actually did happen, I lost a couple followers. But what would it mean to me if they apparently didn’t want me to grow and change as an artist (you kind of involuntarily will change, there is no way around it).

I would of course much rather be myself and not follow a restricted, narrow path, that I can not deviate from in the slightest without it being at the cost of my follower count. But how can you pave a way to make a career that relies on following then? There has to be a way.

If we take a look at other people who managed to achieve just that, we see that having an honest personality is nothing less than crucial. But it’s different than you would think it is. Let’s take a closer look:

Group 1: The Following Who Likes You For You

This is the people that like all your pictures, who comment and who support you for who you are and are genuinely interested in YOU as a person. That small core audience that will always get involved with what you produce.

Group 2: The Following Who Likes What You Do

This is the group that doesn’t care too much for you as a person but is interested in the product that you provide. These are the fans that I lost when I stopped making that type of content that got me the attention in the first place.


The goal would be that the first group is the strongest. But how do you actually get people to be in that demographic? Find out next time!



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