Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is A Soulslike Game – But Even Better!

The community around the Japanese video game development studio From Software is probably the group of people, that I am most proud to be a vocal part of. Especially, since I share the belief, that everyone who has willingly fought their unrelenting way through any part of the Dark Souls series deserves praise and a support group to share their experiences with.

Now, From Software has a new contender ready to hit the shelves in March 2019:

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

And apparently it’s going to be different. The developers moved away from some core parts of the highly successful Dark Souls/Bloodborne series, a risk that not all Souls veterans are happy From Software is taking. But is Sekiro really not going to be Soulslike in any way?

I played it at Gamescom 2018 and here is why you can breathe a sigh of relief:

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The Beauty of Dragonslayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough

Dark Souls Bosses are concepted to perfection, their difficulty varies for every player that comes through, depending on how you behave as a player. And while there’s always many ways to succeed, there are also plenty of ways to fail miserably and everything kind of depends on yourself.

Out of all these unique experiences, one will go down in my personal history books of playing video games and I guess that runs true for many who have fought their way through the unrelenting world of Lordran.

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The Host Syndrome

So it was my birthday last week! I’m now 24, and I have to say I actually feel older.  Even though I would consider myself an introvert and I don’t like to be the center of attention, I enjoy having a day that’s all about how I want to enjoy it.
But every year, I simultaneously dread the celebration, because I get a bad case of ‘The Host Syndrome’ – the stress you feel about having guests and keeping them entertained.

But is that really a thing or is it just me?

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On Having Pointlessly High Expectations For Yourself

I had to take a break just now because other work overwhelmed me and it’s my birthday the day after tomorrow and I have to prepare for that.
Also, I started to have too high expectations for my blog entries, never being satisfied with the marketability, length or aesthetic fit of my ideas. But that’s what makes me hit a dead end in creativity. I have to just MAKE stuff, not think about the outcome.
This is what I’m doing now, so here is some stuff to do, when you feel stressed out constantly:

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Hearts of Stone Art and Story

I painted this Mixed Media piece of Iris van Everec for a school exhibition. I chose Iris because I just watched a lot of Witcher 3 deep lore videos on Hearts of Stone and I love the spooky theme and the keys are absolutely perfect. So because it’s Halloween and I want to tell you a spooky tale, I’m gonna retell the tragic yet oddly beautiful story that sets off the events from The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone.

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Blade Runner 2049 – Why A Thrilling Story Can Never Substitute Interesting Characters

Yesterday night, my friends asked if I want to go and see the new Blade Runner. Now I don’t enjoy going to the cinema much, since it makes me uncomfortable to be locked in a room with seemingly low oxygen and no windows for 2 hours. But this time, I took the ‘you should say yes more’ advice (from inspiring Pinterest posts with watercolor backgrounds) to heart and just said yes. That and Harrison Ford is in the movie and he makes it ten times more likely for me to enjoy whatever I’m watching.

I didn’t enjoy the movie though. I enjoyed seeing Harrison Ford.

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Hey Friends!

It’s me.

And I feel like beginnings are hard.

Now that’s probably a stereotypical thing to say but I feel it’s correct for every new project. Recently I spent some time with myself and I found out that I enjoy writing quite a lot actually. Well, I kind of always used to write, starting when I was only 4 years old but I never thought it makes sense in a creative way.

I never saw myself as a destined author or a storyteller of fantastic tales, probably because of the same old ‘not good enough’ thought. But who says I have to think up an entire fictional world to write? (Probably me, because I love those)

Writing flows easy for me, like a peaceful stream on a summer night. I don’t have to think about it long and hard or concentrate on every single line like how it is with other creative things for me. It feels natural.

Weirdly though, I haven’t been much of a reader lately even though I love stories. It eludes me, what the actual problem is. I feel it’s because it takes up too much time that I’d rather spend “productive”.

Speaking of productive – how do you like this new thing I made?

I have a big vision (as I often do) with it and I feel good pursuing it.